Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Favorite Mj sayings!

1. "I'm shaking with fear!"
2. "I am the spankster!"
3. "Sweet, baby!"
4. "I want to be a soccer team when I grow up!"
5. "Daddy has lubs!"
6. "I like Thomas the tank engine all day and all night!"
7. "I need my bike helmet so I don't crack my head open!"
8. "Wake up! It's sunny day!"
9. "Those boys said I was awesome! I'm not awesome - I'm the boy! I'm going to tell them they are awesome!"
10. "My chips are lapped."
11. "See you later, bobble head!"
12. "I want to go to Stephen Jones University."
13. "I'll do that when I'm five!"


Jason & Lisa Snyder said...

Very cute. First of all, what are lubs? I love the "awesome" quote. Faith always says the last one too. "I can't do that until I'm 4." Have a good day guys.

Tiff said...

"lubs" are facial hair!=) I have no idea why he calls them "lubs"!

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