Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a week!

Ok, the pic of Mj is here cause he is so adorable!=) I didnt' really have a pic to go along with my post, so I thought I'd use a recent one of my favorite boy! Well, I'm finally getting over my 2 week cold, but unfortunately I've shared it with Mj and now he has it and a fever. Poor little man, I feel terrible for him. He's been having a fever and a stuffy nose and nasty cough.
Last Thursday, we had some excitement. We ended up going to the hospital in the early morning (yep, we grabbed Mj still in his pjs and left). I thought something was wrong with the baby. I've never been so scared! Turns out that Jadyn's fine! Strong heartbeat and I either had a urinary tract infection, a kidney stone, or a ruptured blood vessel! Crazy, I know! I went to the doctor's today for a follow-up and they think it was a ruptured blood vessel cause all my lab work came back normal. While we were at the hospital, Mark and I were thinking about the life of Joseph (we're studying him in Sunday school with the teens) and how he faced so many hardships and yet he was so close to God that he knew that every circumstance he was in God was going to use it for His good! What an amazing example to us! We are so thankful that Jadyn's ok. Mj kept asking us why he was still in his pjs and at the hospital and why was it still dark outside! The nurses and my doctor spoiled him though. He got juice and cookies and he got to see the train going over the river outside my window. I told Mark that the next time we're at the hospital better be in June when Jadyn's supposed to come!!!!=)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Halfway There

I am 20 weeks today - 140 more days til we get to hold our precious Jadyn!!! Can't wait! Here's a pic of my popping belly!=)

Don't mind the background; we're remodeling the bathroom!=)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!

Yes, we are having a beautiful baby girl!! Hard to believe!! Our whole mindset will now change. I'm sure it will be totally different with a girl. Mj's not thrilled but he's getting used to the idea. The ultrasound was wonderful. She is healthy and very active!=) I think we're in for some trouble! We got a DVD so it'll be fun to watch her! It's amazing watching her little heart beating and seeing her move around in there. She only weighs 9 oz!!! Crazy!!!!! At one moment she sucked her thumb! Actually, she had her hands up around her face alot! I guess she's already primping herself!=) Her name will be Jadyn Grace!! Jadyn means "Jehovah has heard." And we know it is only by God's grace that we are having another child! Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

My ultrasound is tomorrow and hopefully Baby will be cooperative and will let us see if "it" is a he or a she!!!!!! I can't wait! I hope today goes very fast!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pregnancy Cravings

Well, I thought I'd update about how my pregnancy is going. I'm now 18 weeks and 1 day. The baby is moving alot and Mark and Mj have both felt he or she kick! Usually around 8:00 at night is when the baby decides to do a little Taebo!=) I've been eating alot and you can't take me grocery shopping!!! I went today and couldn't help buying things that just looked good!!! I've really been craving chips and salsa so I loaded up on that and sour cream to mix in with the salsa - YUM-O!!!! Then I bought strawberries, pickles, BBQ chips, Cheez-its, Chicken Salad, pineapples, Oh my!!!! Of course, some of this we really needed and well, some of it just looked good!!! Like strawberries (thankfully, they were on sale!) they were so red and juicy so I bought cool whip and angel food cake mix and that's for dessert tonight! Hey, at least it's healthy!!!=)

One week from today we'll know if we're having a girl or boy!!! I can't wait!!!! I hope this week goes super fast!
I thank the Lord for blessing us with another baby!! We don't deserve this precious miracle, but we give Him all the glory!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


My wonderful husband got me a whirlpool for Christmas!!!! He worked so hard to get it in and tonight I finally had the joy of trying it out!!! It was wonderful and I know it will be great as I get more uncomfortable throughout the pregnancy!=)
We've been working on remodeling the bathroom so Mark was able to get some other things for the bathroom - new shower fixtures, tub surround, lights. Some things are up and some things aren't, but it's fun to have things for our bathroom!=)
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