Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Basement Project Has Begun

When we found out I was pregnant we knew we needed to do something. We only have a 2 bedroom house, so we started planning on finishing our basement. We're adding about 5 rooms - a bathroom, a playroom, a family room, a bedroom for Mj (train themed, of course), and a homeschool/scrapbooking/guest room (yes, 3 rooms in one!)! We're so excited that the project has finally begun. On Friday, my brother came over and Mark and him started tackling Mj's room. I'm so thankful for a brother and a husband who are able to do these things and can save us some money! What gifts God has given them! Here are some pictures! I'll keep adding pictures to update you on the progress!

What will be Mj's room

This will be the family room.

Another view of the family room.

Mj's room is framed!!

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