Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Thumb Sucker

This is what I walked in to find yesterday morning.  Jadyn has found her thumb and she likes it!!=)  Today whenever her binky (pacifier) would fall out; she'd try to get that thumb in her mouth and she did most of the time.  Isn't she adorable?!!?


annie said...

How cute!! Gretchen can find her hand, but not her thumb, which is fine with me! I'd rather her have the paci, but it's cute when they suck their thumbs when they're this little. I agree!

annie said...

PS - Gretchen has that pink dress with the differnt color hearts on it... she's about grown out of the 6 month one now, though... my little chubba-wubba! Looks like Jadyn is swimming in hers in the picture in your sidebar.

Tiff said...

Jadyn's dress is a 3 month and she finally is fitting it. She's so petite unlike her big brother. He was a chunk!=)

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