Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Crazy Week in Review

I didn't get a week in review up last week, so here's this weeks review. It seems like spring brings lots of things to do. We've been so busy, but we still were able to get a good week of school in. Here's what we learned!

Mj - 1st grade:

Bible: We started our unit on missionaries by learning about Saul's conversion and how God had a plan for Saul whose name would be changed to Paul. We also started reading a biography on Adoniram Judson, the first American missionary. Mj also memorized II Tim. 1:7-8.
Math: We talked about measuring. We reviewed measurement of length, mass, and capacity. Then we looked more closely at metric measurements. The kids helped me make a cheesecake to review measuring capacity.
Phonics: We looked at words with a silent "d" and "t" (badge, bridge, hatch, patch, etc.) We also discussed different instrument families.

Reading: We read an article about instrument families. We also read a story about a piccolo who was left out of the band. We applied the story to our lives and how our tongues are little but very dangerous.

Heritage Studies: We talked about Robert LaSalle who was the found the end of the Mississippi River and claimed the land along the way for France. We also talked about King Louis XIV. Mj couldn't believe King Louis XIV used real people and horses to play chess in his outdoor chess board.
Science: We began our chapter on Wild Animals. This week we will be going on a hike and looking for marks that wild animals have left behind.

Mj also had his co-op's fine arts festival. He played "Jesus Loves Me" on the piano. He did a great job!!!!

Jadyn - Tot School

Jadyn played with her puzzles.
She also helped me bake a cheesecake.
And of course lots of reading and coloring!
Gabe - Baby School
Being cute - that was the topic of the week!! He was a pro!! =)

My favorite pic of the week!!!

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Cheryl said...

Wow! You guys covered a lot of ground, great job!!

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