Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Week in Review

Another week has come and gone! Can you believe it's March!! I'm so thankful, too! Bring on spring! Here's what we learned this week!

Mj - 1st grade:

Bible: Jesus walking on the water, Jesus healing the blind man, Jesus' love for children. It's been fun focusing our lessons now on the life of Jesus. He also learned the definition of grace - God's kindness to us when we deserve punishment. And memorized I John 4:21 - "And this commandment have we from Him, That he who loved God love his brother also."

Phonics: We've talked about the circus and the performers of the circus. Mj wrote a journal entry about what he would like to be if he were in the circus. He wants to be the ringmaster. We worked on prepositions, and the soft "g" and hard "g" sounds.
Mj made clown finger puppets.
Reading: We read a story about Spring, a poem about a Storm, a story about a Very Rainy Day and began reading the story of Elijah and King Ahab.

Math: Plane Shapes and Solid Figures were the focus of this week.

Science: Mj finished his chapter on teeth by learning about how to fight Tooth Decay. We began our next chapter on What air is like today. He learned that the sun heats the ground and water and that heats our air.

Heritage Studies: Mj has been learning about trading between the Settlers and the Indians. We also learned about Pierre Raddison who was captured and adopted by the Indians.
Pierre Raddison as a Settler.

Pierre Raddison as an Indian.

Jadyn - Tot School:

Jadyn has been enjoying her puzzles. Her vehicle puzzle is her favorite. She also has been counting to 3.
Playdough or "dough" as she calls it has been a favorite of the week as well.
She also got to play her computer reading game, too.
Gabe - Baby School:
Well, he enjoyed his bouncy seat and just being CUTE!!! =)


Wonder Mom said...

You have a sweet little family!

I no longer have babies/toddlers anymore (*sigh*), but I was talking to a mother who does, and as your little man gets older, you may want to try out a sight called "Baby Smash":

I wish I'd know about it when my little ones wanted to "play" on the computer, but weren't "coordinated" enough to do it!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a great week! I'm very impressed that your daughter is already using the computer.

Giggly Girls said...

Sounds like a great week! You heritage study looks like lots of fun. What a neat idea.

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

So sweet, you got a lot accomplished with so many little ones to tend to.

I could use a week like Gabe's :)

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