Friday, March 12, 2010

Wampums, Spring, Painting - Oh my!

This has been a busy week, but we were able to get a lot accomplished and enjoy the beautiful weather God gave us this week! Spring is coming!!!!

MJ - 1st Grade:

Bible: We began our Easter unit this week. We talked about Jesus entering Jerusalem, Cleansing the Temple and the Last Supper. We're making a timeline to see what happened during Passion Week.Phonics: We finished up the circus and learned the "oi", "oy", "au" and "aw" sounds.

Reading: We read a story about chipmunks and we read the Gingerbread Boy. We'll be making Gingerbread cookies next week.

Math: We worked on place values up to the hundreds place.

Heritage Studies: We finished up our chapter on trading by making wampum necklaces.

Science: We talked about how air moves. Mj was pretty excited to see how heat makes air move up and cold makes air move down. We also started talking about the water cycle.

Art: We made cards for Aunt Dawn-Dawn who is in the hospital.

Jadyn: Tot School
Jadyn enjoyed painting a card for Aunt Dawn-Dawn and making a mess!!! =)
Jadyn, of course, loved play-dough and her puzzles.
We also read many books!
And Jadyn made her very own wampum necklace! She also discovered that raw noodles do not taste very good! ;)

Jadyn also worked on her "mothering" skills. This may need some more practice! Ha! Ha!

Gabe: Baby School
He's cooing so much more! Sleeping and eating - life is good!!!=)


Cheryl said...

Oh my, you're kids are so adorable. I love the shot with the fridge :)

Susan Tipton said...

Looks like a fun week. I love the "mothering skills" picture.

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