Monday, August 2, 2010

Trip to Greenville

Mark and I were supposed to take our youth group to the Wilds, but with Mark in charge of VBS he decided a couple of weeks ago that he couldn't go. I was so disappointed because I love the Wilds, but also I was excited to see Lyd, Marcus and Tim. Well, Mark told me there was still room in the van for me to travel to Greenville and spend the whole week with everyone. I was so excited!
So Jadyn and Mj stayed with Nanny and Papa and Gabe and I were on our way to Greenville! I had such a wonderful time with Timmy, Benny, Lyd and Marcus. Makes me miss them more! Here's some pics from our time in G-vegas!

Timmy took us Geocaching for the first time! So much fun!

Gabe was such a trooper. He spent many hours in that car seat.

Gabe chillin' in my bed.

Gabe loved the "man chair" at Timmy's.

We got to meet up with Cherith at her apartment complex pool!

Downtown Greenville

Timmy showing Gabe how to use the iphone.

Gabe almost went back to Miami with Aunt Lydia! ;)

Lyd and I got to babysit our nephews Micah and Ryan and their friend Aria.

Gabe and his cousin Ryan in the "man chair."

The day we left Greenville, Gabe turned 6 months old! Happy 1/2 year to Gabe!!!!

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