Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Quick Trip to the Store for our Long Drive to Miami

I just ran out to get a couple of things for our trip. I think I did pretty good considering I was in a rush to clip coupons and to write out my lists.

Giant: Total: $38.16
$21.99 Saved (58%)
Total OOP: $16.17
I love the Kraft $5/5 coupons!!! Great deal on cheese!
CVS: Total $23.98
Saved: $13.50 (56%)
Total OOP: $10.48 and I got back $3ECBS
I don't normally spend more than $5 at CVS, but since I'm gone for 2 weeks on vacation I need lots of diapers so this deal was important to get!

Total: $26.46
Saved $11.47 (43%)
Total OOP: $14.99

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