Friday, September 24, 2010

School's Hard with Miami on the Brain!

Both Mj and I were struggling this week to stay "focused" on school. We've got Miami on the brain! We leave Sunday for 2 weeks!!!!! Here's what we did this week!

Mj reviewed the 4 verses he has learned in this Bible Unit. We also reviewed the Creation account, Noah, and Abraham.

Mj wrote a personal experience story. He wrote about our trip to the Whitaker Center.
The planning phase - Word Web and first draft
The Revising Phase

The proofreading phase
The Published Paper

Mj read a story about a proud bug and about Samuel.
Mj reviewed even numbers, greater than/less than, and expanded form of numbers

Mj learned about fossils. Mj is hoping to find dinosaur bones on our trip.

We're learning about the states we're driving through on our way to Miami. We did Pennsylvania last week.

We will only be in Maryland and West Virginia for an hour.

Virginia - The state that never ends
Mj working on his work book for North Carolina and South Carolina. He's looking forward to seeing two of his uncles in South Carolina when we stop for the night.
Georgia and Florida - Jadyn was having some fun with the maps! ;)

Gabe is sitting so well now and he can even get from his belly to a sitting position. He also started crawling on Wednesday!!!!! Where did my little baby go? He is so proud of himself when he gets to a toy (or our dog) all by himself! This is a whole new world for him now!=)
School is a lot of hard work!
Check out what Jadyn's been up to in Tot School.

Off to Miami for 2 weeks!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

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Sharla said...

Sounds like you still managed to get a lot done! Enjoy your vacation!!!

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