Friday, September 10, 2010

Tot School - "B"

Jadyn is 27 months old.
Tot School
I feel like we didn't accomplish a lot this week in school with Jadyn or my older son Mj, but now looking back at the pics of the week I feel better about our week! =)

We focused on the letter "B" this week.

Our letter crafts - Bee and a butterfly. Check out the other letter crafts at Totally Tots! They are super cute!

Jadyn enjoyed the butterfly number cards. Thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler for the printables! Jadyn can count well to 3 and then..... well.... that's another story!=)
Jadyn loves playing with stickers so she was very excited when I pulled some new stickers out for her.
Reading is definitely a favorite around here.
I didn't have the alphabet magnets in her workboxes this week, but she managed to find them anyway.

Jadyn laced the pattern of a butterfly. Another printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
Jadyn loves sorting shapes. She's asking me if she's right. I love that face!
Jadyn loved this activity!! She took tongs and put pom poms in the muffin tin. We practiced sorting by colors, too.
Oops! Jadyn had a little too much fun with tongs and pinched my toes!

Mrs. Potato Head is always a fun activity! First we made her look beautiful, then Jadyn had some fun with her!
Jadyn made a beautiful card for Daddy's birthday.
Jadyn also enjoyed some fun with her train blocks.
Jadyn decided it was time for some science and found Mj's rocket ship!
This is definitely my favorite picture of the week! Jadyn saw big brother working on his workbook so she ran to the bookshelf grabbed a book and pencil and started working away.

Working on her beauty! Thank you to our friends the Gerards for giving us this vanity this week!
Today the kids got to "help" Mark start putting together a shed.

What do you think? I guess it was a great week of tot school!


Our Family said...

I love her sweet smile & her cute letter "b's"!!

Tracey M. said...

Wow, I think our 2-year-olds are very very close in birthdays! Thanks for visiting my blog by the way. I have been browsing through yours and have to make myself stop - there are so many goodies on here in your coupon and freebies list I could browse for hours. I have to get my printer working so I can do some of these cute and creative activities/crafts like you are doing with your daughter. Have a great rest of the week!

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