Friday, September 24, 2010

Tot School - "D"

Jadyn is 27 months old
Tot School

Jadyn was more into playing than actual sitting down and having school so that's what we did - lots and lots of playing!

Jadyn always enjoys crafts so we made a Dinosaur and daisy. Check out Totally Tots for these cute crafts! Jadyn also colored "D" and "d".
We're all in vacation mode here. We leave Sunday for Miami so we had a lot of pajama school days this week. Jadyn borrowed her cousin's Lightning McQueen pajamas and cried when I told her they needed washed! Can you tell she was up early?! LOL
Jadyn decided to use her workbox as a hat. I think it's quite the fashion statement.
Jadyn is learning her colors. She has red and green down pretty well. Confessions of a Homeschooler had this really great printable color matching puzzle.
Jadyn helping me erase the board after Mj's math lesson.
My little tomboy loves racing hotwheel cars!

Nothing like playing with vintage Fisher Price toys!
I used shredded paper and hid farm animals in the paper. I think she had more fun putting the paper on her head than actually finding the animals.
My favorite pic of the week!!! Thank you God for giving me these wonderful little miracles!

Now to enjoy a 2 week vacation with my wonderful family!!! Off to Miami we go!!!=)

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