Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 1 - Check!

Well, week one of school is down! It's hard to believe that Mj is in 2nd grade now. Our first week went pretty well. We had a couple of bumps along the way, but I think once we're in a routine it will go very well.
We're trying out workboxes for the first time this year. Mj really enjoyed knowing what was coming next. He liked being surprised by what was in his boxes for the day. I think the workboxes are going to be a great thing for this year!

Mj's ready for his first day of school!
So, what did we learn: Here we go!

Morning Board: Mj filling in the date. Mj's learning the different ways to write the date.
Bible: We started with the days of Creation. This was a review, but it's a great review! What a great way to remind ourselves of God's power.
Mj's learning how to use his Bible. Here he had to find the verse and answer questions.

Learning Genesis 1:4-5
Mj made a Creation Book. (He was excited by it, don't let the picture fool you! LOL)

Reading: We reviewed the Short Vowel sounds. Mj read a story about a boy making a bug collection.
Art: Mj made an All about Me Paper. This will be fun to look back on years from now.English: Mj learned that a sentence is a complete thought. He also learned about the subject and action parts of a sentence. He also learned the difference between a telling sentence and a command sentence.
Of course, we always need to take a break and run around outside! ;)
Math: It's all about addition right now. Mj learned about adding 1 to numbers, adding 2 to numbers, double facts and near double facts.

Heritage Studies: Mj learned about communities. He had to figure out if we lived in a city,suburb, town, or rural area. Then we learned about fire stations. We compared the bucket brigade to our modern fire stations.

Science: In science Mj is learning about planning a garden. He learned the difference between annual, biennial, and perennial plants. Then he learned how to plan where certain plants should go in a garden.
Mj separating the annuals from the perennials.

Mj made a paper garden and arranged flowers by height.
On Friday, we took a field trip to Lake Tobias. All 3 kids loved seeing the animals and the safari ride. I think the petting zoo was the highlight of the trip.

Mj next to the lama at the petting zoo.
Jadyn had a fun week of tot school. You can read about her week here.

And Gabe was being cute all week! He loves school, too!
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Catherine said...

Looks like a fun week! Have a great week next week!

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