Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Miami Vacation!!

Loading up the Explorer for our road trip to Miami!

Our first stop - Greenville, SC.

It rained the whole trip down to Miami. This was our first glimpse of sunshine and it didn't last long.

Rest stop in Georgia.

Finally - Florida!!!!!

Our 2nd stop - Daytona Beach, Florida. Eating dinner at Cracker Barrel.

The guys anxiously waiting for their food.

A storm at Daytona Beach.

The children's museum in Miami

Look at all the Gabe's.

Grocery shopping

Gabe practicing his flexibility.

Jadyn and Mark on the motorcycle.

Up in the sandcastle.

Who doesn't like fish?

My construction worker.


Mj lost his 6th tooth while we were in Miami!

We went to the Everglades and I got to meet an 11lb. boa constrictor.

Mark and Mj on the airboat.

The Everglades.

The alligator show.

Mark and baby alligator.

He was cute!

Grandpa - a 14 foot alligator

Feeding time.

The kids had fun at the spaghetti dinner at Westwood.

Obstacle Course

No fear

The kids loved this slide.

Jadyn did it, too.

Pony ride

Gabe enjoying the spaghetti dinner.

I can't even count how many times Jadyn rode the swings.

Yummy spaghetti!

Uncle Marcus and Mj playing laser tag.

Mj being a human sling shot - he wasn't too happy about that! LOL

My beach baby!

We love Miami Beach!

My fish!=)

Uncle Marcus and Jadyn watching football.

Gabe is a crawling machine now.

Fun at the Mortensen's pool.


Bye Miami! Off to Savannah Georgia!

Savannah is absolutely beautiful!


Downtown Savannah.

The kids loved the fountains!

Enjoying an ice cream cone.

One of the many bridges in Savannah.

I finally got some Chick-fil-a!!! Oh how I love you!!!

Back in Greenville with Uncle Timmy!

Reedy River


Playing football.

Jadyn loves pushing Gabe.
Feeding pigeons from their hands.

The kids loved spending the day with Uncle Timmy and Uncle Seth at their house.

Finally back home!!!!

We had a great time!! So thankful for 2 weeks with my family!


1 comment:

Dee said...

WOW! Now THAT is a vacation! You guys were everywhere, weren't you? Very cool and memories for all I'm sure.

I particularly loved the picture of your young one in the stroller "practicing flexibility" HAHAHAHA Cracked up laughing!

Take care!

PS-Hopping through from the Hip Homeschool Hop

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