Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat

Last night was our neighborhood trick or treat night! The kids had a lot of fun getting into their costumes and getting candy! Two of our nephews came over to trick or treat with us. The kids got a lot of goodies and the parents were able to sneak some goodies for themselves! ;)

Gabe the Toad

Jadyn the Bumble Bee

Mj AKA Spiderman

My 3 Trick or Treaters

The Gang in Order of Age. (Mj, Micah, Jadyn, Gabe, and Ryan)

Toad and Monkey Cousins

The CANDY!!!!

Jadyn was quite happy about this part.

We tried to keep Ryan and Gabe out of the candy by bribing them with a truck! ;)

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