Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Week in Review - The week of Evangeslitic Meetings

We had the Galkin Evangelistic Team at our church this week so it meant late nights for us. We made it a laid back week of school.

Mj learned about Ruth and her humility to work in the fields to provide food for Naomi and how God rewarded her with Boaz to marry her. He also learned about Hannah's prayer for a son and how God answered her prayer by giving her Samuel. Mj also learned about Richard Allen who was born a slave and later became a preacher. Mj memorized Galatians 6:10 "As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith."
Mj adds Ruth to our Bible Timeline.
English: Mj continued his study of verbs. He learned about the past tense of some irregular verbs and he also learned about homophones.

Reading: Mj read a poem about mice and made his own poem about dogs.

Math: Mj learned about the units for measuring weight, capacity, and length.

Science: Mj is continuing his study on the shape of the earth. Mj learned that people live all over the world and not "inside" the earth. We also talked about what happens when a child in Australia throws a ball up into the air - it comes back to the earth.
Mj placed children all over the earth.
In art, Mj made "Ralph the Dog." Check out Drawing with Rich for great drawing ideas!

You can check out what Jadyn and Gabe have been up to in Tot School.

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