Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tot School - "K"

Jadyn is 29 months old & Gabe is 10 months old.
Tot School

After taking a break for Thanksgiving, it was back to tot school this week. We focused on the letter "k" and on Christmas!

K is for Kangaroo and Koala Bear.
Sequencing with kites.
Color Sorting with Pom-poms.
Working on her alphabet puzzle.

Playing with Fisher Price. I love the vintage Fisher Price! Reminds me of all the fun I had playing with Fisher Price with my brother!
At co-op Jadyn made a gingerbread house. Some of the candy actually made it onto the gingerbread house, but most of it ended up in Jadyn's tummy!

We started our Advent Calendar this week.
Jadyn got to open up a very special present - Baby Jesus!

Jadyn put Baby Jesus in the manger.
Later on that day I found her with a pile of books and Baby Jesus. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I'm reading to Baby Jesus." On the second day of the advent calendar we read about the angel Gabriel going to see Zacharias. Jadyn and big brother Mj made angels.
Gabe chewed on some markers.

He also did some stretching.
And chatted on the phone. Next thing I know he'll be texting.
He's happy to be 10 months old!
I love watching these two interact.

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