Friday, January 21, 2011

Tot School - "N"

Jadyn is 31 months old and Gabe is 11 months old.
Tot School
This week we focused on the letter "N" in tot school. Jadyn was all about school this week. She always loves making crafts and was quite disappointed with me that I didn't have a craft for her on Wednesday. She came running down after breakfast to her workboxes and look in box #1 and saw a coloring page she looked at me and said, "Oh man" and walked out of the room. Ha! Ha!

N is for Nest and net. As always I get these great craft ideas from Totally Tots.

We did some work on number order by counting the number of eggs in each nest and putting them in order.
Jadyn also worked on matching upper case N and lower case n. These two printables are found at Confession of a Homeschooler.
Jadyn loves to put the weather up on our morning board, but she always puts up that it's stormy. Which of course drives her big brother nuts!!!
I got down the wooden calendar for Jadyn this week. She enjoyed putting the numbers on and off. Of course I think we ended up being in June.
I don't normally do math with Mj when Jadyn is up, but this week Jadyn wasn't into taking naps so she ended up having math with us. She loved Mj's place value kit.
Gabe is getting too big too fast! He's not looking so babyish anymore. I can't believe he'll be turning 1 year old a week from Monday! Where has this year gone?

Gabe was quite entertained with the red light in the basketball hoop. He figured out if he put his finger over the light the song would play. So let's just say I was hearing that song all day!

Gabe loves putting his food into Mr. Potsy and making him sing the vitamin A song.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Great week! Love the pic of Gabe smiling and how proud Jadyn looks with the N! Kerri

Mommy Sarah said...

Followed over from the Tot School Link-up! Cute kids! :)

Forever Changing said...

Looks like they had a good week. I have been wanting to start a lesson on learning the books of the Bible with my children. Enjoyed your post. Stopped in from HHH!

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