Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Becoming Reality!

I looked out my window after putting the kids to bed and I saw our realtor putting our for sale sign up for our house!  I had a mix of emotions - sad and excited!  We've made so many wonderful memories in this house and have worked so hard to make it our own, but yet we are so excited to see God work in our lives in Miami.  Can't believe we'll be moving in a month and a half!  Wow!

And can I just say how awesome God is even with the realtor we have.  This goes back to when Mark and I were engaged and we talked to this realtor about a house.  He was a Christian which we were so excited about!  What an awesome thing to start our meetings with him in prayer!  Well, we weren't quite ready to buy a house so we rented an apartment for our first year of marriage.  Out of the blue the realtor emailed us a year after we were married and said that he wanted us to look at a house that he thought would be perfect for us and boy was he right!!!!!  So he sold us this house that the Lord wonderfully provided for us!  And now he will be selling our house!  He is such an encouragement every time we meet with him, just uplifting us spiritually.  Lord, you are so good to us!!!!

So if you would pray with us that if it is the Lord's will that our house would sell quickly.  If it's not his will for it to sell quickly, please pray with us for patience!

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