Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving Tips!

So it's beginning to hit me how soon our move to Miami is coming.  We're moving from Pennsylvania.  My hubby will be driving the moving truck and I'll have our Explorer with 3 kiddos and a dog.  I'm looking for any advice you all may have - packing the house, organization tips, how in the world to get everyone to Miami in one piece and not hating each other by the end of the trip, etc... 

I've added a linky (my first time doing that - look at me becoming quite the blogger!) if you'd like to link a blog post about moving.

And just cause I enjoy seeing it here's a pic of our new house in Miami.  Moving day is June 15 (we are not crazy so we will be taking the trip to Miami in 2 days).  Those palm trees make me so happy!=)
Thanks for the advice fellow bloggers!=)


DHidey said...

my only moving advice is to pack with lots of paper! I packed myself one time and skimped on wrapping my dishes and some well meaning friends didn't see FRAGILE written all over it and put some book boxes on top and I had a few broken dishes. Sounds like quite an adventure--blessings!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Sorry that I do not have any moving advice or anything to link!

The house is beautiful and I am certain that it will always be filled with love and happiness!

Have a safe trip!

Blessings in your new home!


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