Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rubbish Rangers!

Today our youth group cleaned up our road we've adopted.  You never know what you may find on the side of the road.  My group found a snake, many soda and beer bottles, lots of straws, paper bags, and a no hunting sign.  After trash clean-up we enjoyed a healthy McDonalds lunch and then went mini-golfing.  Can't believe that this is our last activity with our teens.  We're going to miss them so much.  Enjoy pics from our day!

The Rubbish Rangers!
What is Josh doing with that flag?
Natasha's ball ended up in the water and it was a group effort to try to retrieve it!  Josh ended up digging in there with his hand and getting it.
My team!
All the girls!  Gonna miss them so much!

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