Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Sport

I'm no longer a soccer mom - I'm a baseball mom. Baseball seems to be the sport of Miami so we have said good-bye to our soccer days and are now embracing the sport of baseball. Mj had his first baseball practice last week and did so well for his first time playing baseball.   His team is the Red Sox so for the first time we'll be cheering for the (gulp) Red Sox.  Don't worry our loyalties are still with the Phillies but for Mj's baseball season we'll be cheering for his Red Sox team! ;)  Another awesome thing is that Mark gets to help and go to practice with Mj!  Mj's loving having his dad at practice!

Mj practicing his batting.

The fans!

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Gidget said...

Baseball is our game of choice too! I have always said that baseball is the perfect sport because it is both an individual sport (batting) and a team sport (fielding) - so you get the best of both worlds! Hope you guys have a great season!

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