Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Faith Becomes Sight

10 years ago today, my mom's faith became sight. That year and 3 months that she was sick were some of the hardest months of my life, but God gave me strength and comfort and still does today. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my mom.  I still want to call her on the phone and tell her the funny thing Jadyn did, or how well Mj did in school today, or what accomplishment Gabe did. I wish my kids would have gotten to meet her.
It's hard to believe it's been 10 years. 9-11 means so many things to different people. Yes, I remember the feeling when I saw the plane hit the 2nd tower, but most of all I remember that was the day I saw my mom for the last time til I get to heaven.
My mom was on a liver transplant list. God had other plans, but if you are not an organ donor, please consider it.

 This is my family doing on of our favorite things growing up - camping.  We went every other weekend in the summer.  I have some great memories of those times fishing, around the camp fire, and hiking.

This is my family on my wedding day. 8-11-01. This was the best my mom had looked in 6 months.  She was so excited for this day and God was so good to give her a good day on that day! We never expected one month later she would be with her Savior.
I love the words to the song "To Live is Christ" especially thinking of the 2nd verse today.

"Before You gave us life and breath,
You numbered all our days.
You set Your gracious love on us
And chose us to be saved.
This fleeting life is passing by,
With all its joys and pain.
But we believe to live is Christ
And death is gain.

And though we grieve for those we love
Who fall asleep in Christ,
We know they'll see the Savior's face
And gaze into His eyes.
So now we grieve, yet we don't grieve
As those who have no hope.
For just as Jesus rose again
He'll raise His own.

And now we're longing for the day
We'll see the Lamb once slain,
Who saved a countless multitude
To glorify His name.
We're yearning for the wedding feast
Of Jesus and His bride.
His nail-scarred hands will finally bring
Us to His side.

To live is Christ, to die is gain,
In every age, this truth remains
We will not fear, we're unashamed.
To live is Christ, to die is gain."

Words by Mark Altrogge and Bob Kauflin


Our Family for His Glory said...

O Tiff, Mothers are so special... I know the ache doesn't ever really go away- even after so many years. Praying for you & God's peace & joy to flood you today!

Amy said...

So sorry your mom didn't get her gift of life here on earth through a transplant. So glad she was there for your wedding day, and so very glad you know she is waiting for you in heaven. Hugs to you!

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