Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Horrible with Surprises!

Can I say that I have a horrible time keeping a secret!!!  I won a Rapunzel doll for Jadyn from Life as Mom and it came on Tuesday in the mail.  Well, guess who couldn't wait to give it to her that day instead of waiting for Christmas! ME!  She had so much fun opening her box and seeing the huge Rapunzel doll!

The same day Mj's gift for Christmas came in the mail.  He got home from school with Mark and Mark told me that Mj's teacher came and told him that Mj is doing such a great job in school.  He had a big struggle with the cursive writing when he first started.  I had taught him a different cursive and had only started cursive the second half of 2nd grade.  Well, the other students have been doing cursive since K-5.  Mj's handwriting has improved so much!  She also said he was so diligent in his work and he has gotten 100% on every reading quiz they've had.  He also was the only one in his class to get an A+ on their history test.  Ok, enough bragging from this proud mama!=)  So after hearing all that, guess what I did.  Yep, gave him what was supposed to be his Christmas gift - the wii game Guilty Party! 
Oh well.....  Guess I'll have to find other surprises for Christmas!=)

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