Friday, September 2, 2011

Tot School - "T" is Terrific

Jadyn is 38 months old & Gabe is 19 months old
Tot School 
This week we focused on the letter "T", the number "2", the sight word "the", the color "green", and the shape "square".  Here's what we did.

Jadyn worked on tracing the letter "T".  Her tracing has improved so much in 2 weeks.
Coloring her train. I love how she makes everything so colorful.
Color matching turtles.
Working on her "T" words.
Matching 1 & 2
She was so excited about the Thomas puzzle.
Coloring her train and gluing clouds for the smoke.  She really enjoyed this even though her face doesn't show it! :)
Playing with her Thomas trains.
Reading the book "The Turtles".
Matching Big T and Little T
Coloring her verse. "Thou shall not steal."
Dot-a-dot the "T's" on the train.  She loves dot-a-dot markers.
Matching Big "T" and Little "T" turtles.
This had nothing to do with the letter "T", but she sure does love playing with beans!
Size sorting turtles.
More work on tracing lines.
2 sheep.  She loves gluing cotton balls on paper.
Matching the letters to spell turtle.
Tearing tissue paper and gluing it on the letter "T".
I think she was done with pictures!  Making the 10 Commandments.
T is for tractor.
She was so proud of putting her turtle puzzle together.
Cutting out her verse and then seeing how long it was.  She wasn't happy that it was short.
My tiger!
I love Education Cubes. I put color cards in them and she would have to find something that was the color that came up.
A white sheep for the color white.

Gabe has been busy with totschool, too.  He loves the shape sorter.
This toy is great!  He loves to roll the ball through it and play with the gears.
Working hard on putting the blocks back in the bin.
Gabe's first time using the dot-a-dot markers!  He loved them and the mess they make when you touch the top!
Working on his dance skills!  He loves when I play toddler radio on Pandora.
Helping me sing the "Perfect 10" with Jadyn.
Practicing basketball.
Working with Jadyn on rolling something back and forth.
Thanks again to the following blogs: 1+1+1=1, Confessions of a Homeschooler, Totally Tots, Education Cubes. Please, go check out their sites for great ideas and printables!


The Princess and the Tot said...

What a fun week! I love the Tablets / 10 Commandments activity!

Amanda said...

Such fun letter "T" activities. I also like the 10 Commandments activities you did-- where did you find them?

Jennifer said...

LOVE your "T" theme!! Could you please share where you found the turtle printables? I think my little one would LOVE them!

And thanks for showing your little one tracing the "T"'s. Gives me hope that my daughter will catch on eventually!

Visiting you from the Tot School blog hop!!

Tiff said...

The 10 commandments can be found at and the Turtles can be found at

Vicky said...

What great T ideas! Looks like she had a great time. love how you got Gabe involved too. I have 2 3 year olds and a 20 month old and have a hard time finding activities they can all do. Will have to try the dot markers with her.

I am a new follower from the Link and Learn from No Time For Flash Cards. If you would like to follow me back come by and say hi!

Marlynn said...

Love your week! My girls are the same age has your kiddos....your girl colors so well! Mine loves to scribble :)

Sarah said...

Loved seeing all your pictures. Seems like only yesterday mine were this little and doing letter activities.

Marsha S said...

I so miss the younger years and homeschooling. I also so wish I could homeschool my grandchildren, at least the 5 that are currently living with us!

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