Monday, October 3, 2011

Fun with the Storcks!

We were so excited that the Storcks (a couple from our church back in Pa.) came to visit us last week! The kids were spoiled rotten and we all had a wonderful time together! Here are some pictures from our very fun week!

Monday:  Alligator Farm

Gabe loved getting close to the big alligators!
Jadyn went on an air boat ride through the Everglades with Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue!
 Tuesday: Toured Westwood Christian School & Mattheson Hammock Park

Jadyn & Gabe enjoyed showing Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue the pretty pictures in the preschool building.
Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue with Jadyn & Gabe at Westwood. 
Cooling off at the tidal pool. 
 Wednesday: The Zoo
Posing with the bear statue.
Looking for the crocodile.
Fun with Uncle Bob & a lizard.

Thursday: Pinecrest Gardens
Trying to get a group picture.
Fun at the petting zoo.
What a big tree!
Friday: South Beach & South Pointe Park
Enjoying a beautiful beach day with Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue!   Photobucket 
 Patiently waiting for the cruise ships to leave port.
Yay!  A cruise ship!  The kids loved watching them leave port!
Mj & Jadyn waving to the people on the cruise ship. 
 Having fun watching the kids at the splash pad. 
 Gabe's cheesy smile!
Enjoying a beautiful walk in the park.
A beautiful sunset as we left - followed by a crazy thunderstorm we got stuck in! 
What a fun week!

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