Friday, March 30, 2012

Playing with "P"

Jadyn is 44 months old & Gabe is 24 months old.
 Tot School 
 This week I was horrible and didn't get pictures of a lot of the things we did (Bad Mommy!).  We focused on the letter "P".  Jadyn loved all the princess themed things I had for her.  She enjoyed coloring some princess papers, doing princess puzzles, and working on numbers by counting princesses.  What can I say, even though Jadyn's a tomboy she still has some princess in her!

Proud of her princess paper.
We've been working on opposites, too.  She had to color the picture that showed the opposite of awake.
This kid loves any type of puzzle.  She had to color the tooth brushes and toothpaste. 
Of course, our week would not be complete without a trip to the park.  This really was the only "school" Gabe did this week.  He was only about playing this week which was fine with me.
Gabe was so proud of his climbing abilities at the park!=)  Love that big smile! 
Now we're looking forward to a week of spring break with Mj being home from school! We'll be hitting the beach, going to the zoo, doing crafts, and focusing on Easter coming up. It's going to be a fun week! We can't wait!

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