Monday, April 23, 2012

Choosing the Perfect Name

So we're in the midst of figuring out what to name Baby Boy.  We've decided on the first name, but now to agree on a middle name.  I'm all about name meanings or the Bible character we choose, so it's a big daunting task.
Here are our other 3 kids names.
Mark John III (MJ) - My husband wanted to name him after his dad, which I thought was a great idea.
Jadyn Grace - Jadyn means "Jehovah has heard".  I had the name Jadyn picked out for either a boy or girl because we tried for over 4 years to get pregnant.  I was so thankful that God heard our prayers and answered those precious prayers with our sweet Jadyn.  We know that it is only by His grace that we were blessed with our daughter.
Gabriel Christian - Gabriel means "devoted to God" and Christian means "follower of Christ".  This is our prayer for Gabe.
So now to figure out this one's name....

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