Saturday, April 7, 2012

How We Spent Spring Break 2012

We were so excited for Mj's spring break! We made plans together of what we would do.  Here's our fun week!

We went to Matheson Hammock Park and enjoyed the beautiful day at the "circle beach."  The kids had a blast splashing in the waves, playing in the sand, and enjoying our yummy picnic lunch under a palm tree.

Gabe & Mj having fun in the water!

Jadyn decided to give Mj's goggles a try.
Today we went to the zoo with my sis-in-law and niece.  The kids always enjoy seeing all the animals at the zoo and, of course, cooling off at one of the splash pads.

The zoo crew
It was definitely a good day for the splash pad!
Gabe up close to a lizard. 
Tuesday night the my sis-in-law and brother-in-law invited us down to South Pointe park for a picnic dinner and to let the kids run off some more energy!

The kids cooled off at the splash pad. 
Then we headed down to the beach to play.
My kids are fish!  They love water!
On Wednesday,we decided to hang out at home and get our pool out.  I think the kids spent 3 hours splashing around in the pool!  They had so much fun!

Having a blast!!! 
So much fun!
We woke up to rain so our plans to go to Key Biscayne didn't happen so we decided to make a lazy Thursday out of our day.

Jadyn & Gabe raced Hot Wheels!
Mj enjoyed playing lego games on my ipad.
Play-do is always a great rainy day activity.
We enjoyed a picnic lunch and watched Scooby-doo! 
The sun came out in the afternoon so we got the sprinkler out for some outside fun!
This was ultrasound day!  Mj and Jadyn were so excited to go with us and see the baby!  That night we had a gender reveal party.

The cake! 
It was quite the party!  Lyd and Marcus were over, My family skyped us on my ipad, Mark's family facetimed on Marcus' ipad and Benny facetimed us on Marcus' iphone!
Lydia had the honors of cutting the cake to see if she was getting a new niece or nephew.
Team Blue!!!
We had such a fun spring break!  We were worn out by the end of most days!  I'm kind of sad that Mj has to go back to school this week, but we're only a month and a half away from summer vacation!!

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