Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Fun

One of our favorite things about living in Miami is being able to go to the beach.... A LOT!!!  So yesterday we decided to head to Key Biscayne and try out Virginia Key Beach.  We loved it and will definitely be making this one of our go to beaches!  We had a fun morning being together as a family!  The kids were worn out and they all took naps that afternoon (that NEVER happens!).  It was a great day!

Jadyn excited to be at the beach!
Mj doing his "happy beach" dance!
Lunch time
Jadyn tried out my boogie board for the first time and now I think her life's ambition is to be a surfer!
Mj relaxing on his boogie board.
I love watching Gabe at the beach!!  He just takes it all in.  Even the sea grass is interesting to him!!
Once Gabe realized Mj and Jadyn were boogie boarding he decided he should join in, too.

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