Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Vacation So Far

The kids have been enjoying summer vacation. It's a different element having Mj home again and, of course, there have been fights and some "room time" to keep them all separated but overall it's been good.  I love having Mj home again!  Here's some pics of what the kids have been up to the second half of this week.

Mj and Mark priming the desk Mark is making for Mj. Mj has helped design the desk for homework and Lego playing.  It's been a fun project for him and Mark to work on together.
The kids love to color and draw together.
Mj & Jadyn work on the U.S. puzzle.  Mj was teaching Jadyn all the states.
Of course, they enjoy some sprinkler fun in the backyard.
Mj enjoys aiming the water to hit the house or his brother or sister.
And of course chores are on the list of things to do this summer.  Thankfully, Gabe still enjoys doing chores! ;)

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