Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June 1...

...which means that beautiful girl is turning 4 in 11 days!!!  We're leaving for Pennsylvania tonight! I'm another month closer to holding my precious Job (did I tell you we picked a first name for baby boy, still working on that middle name) in my arms and not in my belly! ;) We're also coming up to the 1 year mark in Miami!  Wow!  Actually it's kind of weird that we'll be in Pa. the same week we were getting ready to move to Miami.  More on our 1 year bench mark in another post coming June 15 which will be our 1 year in Miami day!
I won't be posting anything this coming week!  We're looking forward to seeing our family and friends.  Looking forward to my brother-in-law's wedding next weekend.  And looking forward to some family time just the 5 well.... 6 of us. Now I better go and finish cleaning the house and packing!  Happy June 1!!!!

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