Friday, June 15, 2012

Jadyn's Pirate Princess Party

Last night was Jadyn's Pirate Princess Party! She invited some of her friends and their families over and the kids had a blast! Here's some pictures from her party!

Treasure Chests full of loot were the centerpieces for the tables.
The Pirate Princess
Pirate Princess Punch - Yum!!!
Shells & Cheese
Jolly Roger Dogs
Grape Swords, Rubies, and Golden Nuggets
Having fun on the plank
It was so hot last night, so the pool was a big hit!
On their treasure hunt.  The treasure was their goodie buckets.  I can't believe I forgot to get a picture.  They each got a bucket and shovel full of gold deblumes, necklaces, pirate tattoos, pirate bracelets, eye patches, ear rings, inflatable swords, bubbles and a pirate pencil.
 Water Balloon Battle - this was a hit as well!
Jadyn said it was the best party ever!
I got a bunch of pirate party ideas from pinterest. I seriously, don't know how I survived before pinterest! LOL So thankful for beautiful weather and fun friends to share this fun day with!

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