Friday, July 13, 2012

Jr. Boot Camp

Mj is at his Jr. Boot Camp at the Wilds for the first time this year.  I can't believe he's old enough to go to Jr. Boot Camp.  I was supposed to be there, too with our youth group, but I needed to get an ultrasound so we decided that I should stay home.  Mark's there and giving me all the details.  Mj's having a blast (and he's taken at least one shower that we know of LOL.  Do you know how many times I told him he needs to take a shower and brush his teeth!!!)!  I can't wait to hear all about his week from him.  They'll be home tomorrow!!!  I saw this picture of Mj with his counselor and some of his cabin mates on the Wilds website! =)

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Our Family for His Glory said...

I bet he's having such a great time -& I bet you'll be so glad to have him home once again, where you can monitor his showers. :)

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