Friday, July 6, 2012

A Visit from the Storcks

Last Friday our friends from PA the Storcks came to see us for the week! The kids were spoiled rotten by Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue and we had so much fun (even though I was so sick for the first half of their time here and Gabe got sick - We made the most of it and had a blast!) It's always fun to have visitors!  Here's pics from our week!

We enjoyed a picnic dinner on Friday down at South Pointe Park and watched the cruise ships leave.
The kids enjoyed cooling off at the splash pad.
Checking out the view of South Pointe Park.
Fun at the play ground.
On Saturday we went to Marlins' Park and watched the Marlins play the Phillies.
My Phillies fans!
Monday we relaxed at home since I was pretty sick.
Tuesday we took a quick trip to Matheson Hammock Park, but Gabe started feeling sick so we had to go back home.
On Wednesday we celebrated the 4th of July.  We went down to Bill Baggs Park on Key Biscayne in the morning.
The kids at the lighthouse
An attempt at a family pic.
After naps we went to our church's July 4th picnic. Gabe played with his friend Ali.
Gabe & Aunt Sue enjoying the picnic.
After the picnic we went down to the Biltmore to watch fireworks.  Gabe & Titus enjoyed playing football together while they waited.
Mj relaxing on the blanket waiting for it to get dark.
I love fireworks!
Yesterday we enjoyed a morning at the zoo.  The kids love the splash pad there!
Cooling off on a very hot day!
Mj and the elephant.
Gabe hiding in a log at the playground.
For dinner the Storcks treated us to Red Lobster.  Gabe loved the lobster tank.
Enjoying the cheesy biscuits!
It was a fun week!  Now to get the kids back to a routine...

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Christine said...

Looks like a wonderful, fun week with family and friends!!

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