Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend in Naples

Mark and I were able to get away this weekend for an early anniversary/last time before baby comes gift! =)  We've been wanting to check out the west coast of Florida so we went to Naples.  It was absolutely beautiful!  We definitely are planning on taking the kids over there on a day trip.  It was so nice to have a break from the kids, to recharge as a couple, and just enjoy some relaxation.  I'm so thankful that Mark planned this for us!  I really needed it!  Here's some pics from our weekend.

Rockin' the 3D sunglasses to watch the Amazing Spiderman in 3D!
Enjoying the beach!
We ate a lot of ice cream this weekend! ;)
Watching the storm come in.
We got to see a dolphin at Naples Pier.
I love this man!
Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack
Ready to dig in!
We were treated to a beautiful sunset after dinner!  Thank you Lord for the beautiful colors You have created.
A competitive game of mini-golf!
This just makes me laugh!!!!  He wanted me to climb up there with him! LOL  Not happening!

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