Saturday, August 11, 2012

11 Years

I cannot believe our wedding day was 11 years ago!!  I'm so thankful for the husband God has given me!  He's my best friend, a godly leader to our family, an amazing father to our children, and he makes me smile and laugh!  I could never have imagined what would happen in the 11 years after our wedding day - 3 and 8/9 kids, a move to Miami, and just all the highs and lows God has allowed in our lives.
Happy Anniversary Mark!  I love you more than words can say!!!!

Husband & Wife
 The wedding party
 Leaving the church
 Enjoying the reception.

And as I look back on our anniversary I always remember and am grateful for God's graciousness that day.  My mom had been sick for over a year.  And even the day of rehearsal we didn't think she'd be able to be at the wedding!  But God in his mercy, allowed her to have one of the best days she had had in probably over 6 months.  Her memory was alert, she knew what was going on, she was able to light the parents candles and take pictures with all of us.  Thank you God for allowing us to have that special day!!

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Our Family for His Glory said...

Happy Anniversary! What beautiful pictures of your special day! :)

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