Thursday, August 30, 2012

A New Bed for Jadyn

Since the baby will be sharing a room with Jadyn for awhile and the bedrooms in the house aren't very big, we decided we needed to get Jadyn a loft bed. So over the weekend we headed to my favorite place in the entire world - IKEA!  We found the perfect loft bed for her and Mark and Jadyn got to work putting it together.  I took her Tuesday for her to pick out sheets for her bed.  She was so excited to sleep in her new bed.  The crib will go under her bed and I still need to move the owl decals on her wall to a better location since that was the only place the bed could go.  She did inform me last night that I'm not allowed on her bed because I am too big!  She thinks I'm bigger than daddy!  That's fine with me.  She can make her bed! ;)

First night in her bed!
The adorable bin I couldn't pass up.  Jadyn said she wants Job's toys to go in there so she can get to his toys when he's crying.  She's going to be such a mommy!
So proud of making her bed without being told the next morning.

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