Monday, August 13, 2012

Uncle Seth's Visit to Miami!

We were all very excited to have Seth come and visit us last week!! The kids were so excited and are still very sad that he had to go back to Pennsylvania. Here's some pictures from our week.

Picking up Seth at the airport.
We enjoyed a beautiful day at South Beach.
Dinner at Latin America Restaurant.
Someone tell this boy to stop growing!  We enjoyed checking out the boats at the marina.
Quite the pair.
We took Seth to the Alligator farm and brought our friend Ali, too.
Jadyn & Mj got to ride the air boat through the Everglades with Seth.
We had fun bowling with our friends and brought Seth along, too.  He let Gabe bowl for him.
One last hurrah at Chuck E Cheese's!  Mj loves the video games.
Gabe was fascinated with the merry go round.
Cousins and Chuck E. Cheese!  Doesn't get much better!
It was a great week and went way too fast! It's so much fun to have family around!

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