Saturday, September 15, 2012

Job is Here

Job made his appearance not the way we expected, but we are so thankful he is here and healthy.  On Monday I had a an ultrasound because I was measuring 42 weeks and I was only 38 weeks so they wanted to get a weight estimate.  Well, they estimated him weighing 9 lb. 7 oz.  I went to my doctor appointment in the afternoon and my doctor said I needed to have a c-section because of his size.  I cried.  I was not anticipating a C-section at all.  I have had all my others naturally and was scared of the surgery and the recovery of a C-section and having 3 kids at home.  After a long talk with my doctor (who I can say is so sweet and amazing) we decided for the safety of the baby and me is was best to do a C-section. So we scheduled the C-section for Tuesday.
Tuesday came and we got to the hospital at 12:30. They started prepping me with iv's (ouch), a taking my blood.  My anesthesiologist came in and really put me at ease.  She was a huge help!  They wheeled me back to the OR around 2:30.  I couldn't wait for Mark to get back to the OR with me.  Once I saw him I felt much better.  At 3:09 on September 11, 2012 we heard Job's first cries.  The doctor and nurses couldn't believe how chunky he was and the nurses were so awesome to let Mark take lots of pictures!
So Job Michael Fortney is here.  We chose the name Job because of the testimony of Job in the Bible.  The man went through so much and yet he never once cursed God.  He praised God and God blessed him abundantly.  Our prayer for Job is that he will glorify and praise God no matter what God brings in his life.  Michael means "Who is like God?"  What a sovereign, gracious God we serve. There is no one like God. We pray that Job will understand his need of a Savior from his sin at a young age.  That Job will accept Christ as his Savior and grow to be more like Christ every day.
We are thrilled to have our 4th addition to our family!  Welcome Job!  We love you!

Mark cutting the umbilical cord.
It was very tramatizing!
9 lb. 0 oz.
Little Burrito
Job & Daddy
Mj and Jadyn got to meet Job that night.
I love that little tongue!
Gabe met Job the next day!
So excited to be with their new baby brother.
Jadyn is a little mommy
I love those cheeks!!!
I truly am blessed!  After being told that having Mj was a miracle and we could never have more children without the help of fertility drugs and knowing that we could never afford that. I never in my wildest dreams could of pictured my life with these 4 miracles.  God is amazing! I do not deserve to be their mommy and I thank God every day for his graciousness in these 4 gifts He has chosen to give to me!

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Our Family for His Glory said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Job is adorable!
I'm praying for a fast recovery for you, as I know the challenges (but also the blessings) of have c-sections! :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!

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