Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's Been Going on the Last Two Weeks

It's hard to believe that Job is 2 weeks old today! How come time goes so slow that last month of pregnancy and once the baby is born time flies? LOL I've had a good two weeks. I'm recovering well from the C-section. My SIL has been awesome taking the kids for me in the mornings so I can relax and enjoy sweet Job. My amazing friends have made delicious meals for us. And of course, my awesome husband has been Mr. Mom around the house. I know that they have all made my recovery much better for me! I'm starting to feel back to my "old" self and it feels great. I even took the kids to the park yesterday! Here's what we've been up to the past 2 weeks! I don't know why I haven't had time to blog? ;)

Gabe loves his baby brother!  He lets me know when he moves, or cries, or "toots".  I really wasn't sure how Gabe would handle not being the baby in the family any more.  He's such a momma's boy and desires that attention from me, but he has truly adjusted great to having a new baby in the house.  He loves Job (sometimes a little too much) and I'm so thankful for the help he has been.  He loves to go grab the wipes for me.  And he even helps me wipe - Poor Job! LOL
Big Brother MJ is awesome!  He comes home from school and goes right for Job!  He enjoys holding him and loves to watch the faces Job makes in his sleep.
Jadyn AKA Mommy #2 is all about the baby.  I have to keep reminding her that Job is not a baby doll.  She thinks he must have his pacifier in his mouth at all times. And if he cries she has to be the one to figure out why he's crying.  I really hope Job survives his big sister! LOL  Jadyn has been dying to feed Job a bottle so I let her feed him a bottle a couple of nights ago!  It made her day!
School is still going on around here.  We've made flowers out of cupcake liners.
She's been learning how to write "i", "u" and "e"

Making a pig out of circles.  That's her pig face if you can't tell! ;)

Learning how to  set the table.

Gabe hasn't been that interested in school the past 2 weeks which is fine.  He's all boy and would rather crash his cars into each other and fly his airplane around!

Job's first bath.  He actually enjoyed it!
I had some help giving him a bath.
Lots of sleeping has been going on the past 2 weeks.  Job is an awesome baby.  He's been sleeping 4 hours at night and some nights I'll even get 6 hours of sleep out of him!  That makes momma happy!!!

Mj had a bug project due for science class.  He made an imaginary bug out of Lego's and made an ecosystem for his bug to live in. He named his big the Giant Water Slipper.
He also helped Mark start to put the new play set together.  Why must boys like power tools? ;)
I find random toys with Job and I know who's giving them to him - GABE!!  Although I think Job will need the Nerf gun to defend himself from his brother and sister! LOL
And here's Job today on his 2 week birthday!  Ready for a walk in his new stroller!
So that's what's been going on here the past 2 weeks.  We're adjusting to life as a family of 6!  I'm so thankful for my family!

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