Sunday, October 21, 2012

Enjoying a Break from School

Mj had off school starting Wednesday because the teachers' had a convention in Orlando. We made the most of his days off and did some fun things together.

 A trip to "Circle Beach".  It was the perfect beach day on Wednesday - low humidity, warm temps and the water was perfect.

Gabe and Mj had fun building lots of creations in the sand.
The 3 Musketeers
 Job slept through his first trip to the beach.
I was enjoying my spot under a palm tree with Job watching the 3 kids have a blast together!
My shady palm tree!  I love palm trees!
Buckets of water are always fun!

Jadyn watching the boat leave the marina.

Me and Job - Job's first trip to the beach!

A trip to the zoo.  We went with 2 other families to the zoo.  The kids had a blast that day!  Checking out the animals, playing in the splash pads and playground, being with friends - what's not to love!

Feeding the birds.
Jadyn climbs a snake.
Cooling off in the Amazon!
The highlight of our day - watching the otters get fed!
Checking out the otters.
The zoo keeper feeds the otters stinky dead fish.
Jadyn, the cockroach, and her friend Max.
Job got a bit hot in the stroller so he cooled off on a bench with me and we watched the kids run around the playground.

Fun at home:  We were able to have some fun relaxing and enjoying being at home during Mj's school break.
Mj and his friend Levi enjoying hot dogs in the fort.
Jadyn, Gabe and their friends Max and Emma enjoy their dinner on the 2nd floor of the fort.
Gabe and Max thought the car falling from the storage bin was a great game!

Mj and I taught Jadyn how to play Skipbo.
Riding bikes in the church parking lot is always a fun way to spend the day!
Gabe and his "manly" pink Barbie bike. LOL
Jadyn deep in thought as she rides her bike.
We had a great couple of days!  So thankful for beautiful weather, great friends, and my wonderful family to enjoy some fun with!

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