Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall in Miami

Fall has finally arrived in Miami and it is absolutely beautiful!  We're enjoying having the windows open and feeling the amazing cool breeze!  Jadyn said yesterday morning it was very cold (a frigid 63 degrees) Yes, we are officially Miamians if 63 is very cold!  We took advantage of the amazing weather and the kids enjoyed an entire morning outside!

I bundled Job up in his soft blanky.  The poor child, I don't know how he will survive when we go to Pennsylvania for Christmas! ;)
Beautiful morning for sliding.
Gabe having a blast in the fort!
Jadyn loves using the rope ladder for a swing.
Playing ball with Streak.  Streak is loving the fall weather, too and stays outside most of the day barking at all the cars going by! =)
My beautiful girl

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