Friday, October 5, 2012

Jadyn Loves School

Jadyn is my little book worm.  She loves reading, art, and school work.  She puts her whole heart into her work and wants to get it just right.  I love watching her learn new things and attempt to teach her little brother. lol.  Here's what Jadyn did this week.

 Jadyn is doing great with her cursive letters.  She's learned all her vowels and has started on "t".
Working on her phonics.
She started writing her numbers this week.  She kept telling me how easy it is to right "1".
 Her scissor skills have improved a lot!
The finished product - Moses in the bulrushes.  We talked about how Moses' mommy hid him in a basket to protect him.  Then the Pharoah's daughter found baby Moses and raised him as her own son.

Fun with our shape sorter - putting similar shapes together, building huge towers, and making a mess!

Lots of fun with her fishing puzzle.
We did some fall activities which included cutting out an owl...

Coloring a pumpkin patch...

And making a tree with fall leaves.

Playdough is always a fun activity.

I found Mj's leap pad and got it out for Jadyn this week.  She thought it was the coolest thing ever!!  Her favorite book was Pooh's Lots and Lots of Honey Pots.

Jadyn played lots of games this week:
Connect 4 with Gabe
Chutes and Ladders with Mommy
And the highlight of the week was learning how to play Clue Jr.
Of course, the week also included lots of learning to be a big sister.  She's a pretty great big sis!  Job's one lucky baby brother!


Lynn said...

Looks like such a fun week!!

Jolanthe Erb said...

Awww...learning how to be a good big sister is the most important thing of all. :) Sweet.

Deborah said...

I also have a child that LOVES doing school.

Found you through Preschool Corner. Nice to meet you. :o)

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