Friday, October 5, 2012

Tot School - Playing is Learning

Gabe is 32 months old
Tot School
 School with Gabe is very eventful.  While Jadyn will sit and do school work all day if I let her, Gabe will not sit for 2 seconds!  We find lots of fun-filled ways to learn! Here's what we did this week!

Painting a fall picture.
Play dough is always a fun activity.
Working on colors with pom poms.  The activity started out with me telling him to put all the blue balls in the dump truck, then all the red balls, etc...
He decided to make it his own activity and put each color pom pom in a different vehicle.
Sitting down and coloring his train book.
Another one of his favorite toys is his Noah's ark and animals.  I love listening to him talk to his animals.
Playing his Thomas numbers game.
And of course, learning how to be a big brother has been a very big focus of the last 3 weeks. He's doing a great job!

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