Thursday, November 15, 2012

Always fun at the Zoo!

So this post is a week late, but last Thursday we had a great day at the zoo. It was a beautiful day with temps in the low 70s! Beautiful!!!! Have I mentioned how much I love our zoo passes?!;) It's great to decide on the spur of the moment to go to the zoo.  Here's pictures of our fun day!

Jadyn was so excited that I remembered to bring a quarter to feed the birds.
Jadyn and her friend baby elephant.
Gabe a little apprehensive about the monkeys.  They are usually really loud, but today we couldn't find them.
Checking out the wart hogs.
Posing with some more animal statues.
Gabe climbing on a snake.
 It was chilly, but Job didn't mind.
Jadyn, Gabe and Froggy
Taking a snack break while we watch the African elephants.
Fun watching the giraffes.
Gabe wasn't too sure of the giraffes. He kept saying they were too big.
A zebra scratching his back.  The kids thought this was hilarious!
Got Candy?
Even with temps in the low 70s my crazy kids wanted to play at the splash pad!
After they decided they were freezing from the splash pad they went over to play at the play ground.
So much fun!
I love my stroller!  It converts from an infant stroller to a toddler stroller.  I stuck Job in my carrier and pushed Gabe and he fell asleep hand in the pretzel bag!  You know it's a good day when a kid falls asleep with his hand in the snack bag! ;)

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