Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Keep Working, Just Keep Working...

Jadyn had a good week of school this week.  She's working hard on her letters and numbers and reading blends.  Here's her week in pictures.

Tracing and writing the number 5.
Cutting out shapes.  And then she made a story about the square man and the circle man.
Working on drawing Nicodemus for her Cubbies class.
We talked about how Nicodemus went at night to meet Jesus and he would've needed a lantern so Jadyn made a lantern.
The finished lantern.  She was so proud!
Later in the week we talked about Noah and the ark.  We also talked about God's promises and the rainbow!  What a comforting thought to know that God always keeps His promises!
It's November so we started some talk about Thanksgiving.  Jadyn liked saying the word cornucopia.
It has finally cooled off in Miami and we took advantage of it by spending lots of time outside!
We had a picnic lunch with Daddy at school one day this week.  We can't go to school without playing on the playground! =)  Can you spot my two sweeties?

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