Friday, November 16, 2012

Operation Christmas Child 2012

One way we have decided to celebrate Christmas this year is sending boxes of gifts to a boy and girl in need in another country through Operation Christmas Child.  What a great way to teach children that it is better to give than receive.  It's hard to keep a child's focus off of themselves especially at this time of year when companies are bombarding our children with toys and things they "need".
So the other weekend I took Mj and Jadyn and we shopping for 2 children.  Mj picked a boy 5-9 years old and Jadyn picked a girl 2-4 years old.  They had so much fun picking out things the kids would love.  Mj got the boy a glow in the dark bouncy ball, a train, a model car to make, tooth brush, crayons and an Avengers coloring book, and a puzzle.  Jadyn picked out some hair bows, a princess coloring book and crayons, a super high bouncy ball, a stuffed puppy, some hello kitty jewelry, tooth brush, and a princess book.  Last night we packed up the shoe boxes.  Mj wrote a letter to his boy and Jadyn drew a picture for her girl.  We loaded up everyone in the car and dropped off the boxes at a drop off location.  We had to end the evening with ice cream cones! ;)  We're looking forward to tracking our boxes and seeing where they end up going!  I encourage you, if you haven't done anything like this with your children you can pack a shoe box and drop it off until Nov. 19.  What a great opportunity to teach your child about charity and showing God's love to others!  I think the sweetest thing to me was on the car ride to drop off the boxes I had Jadyn and Mj pray for the children who would receive the boxes.  Jadyn sweetly prayed (for 10 minutes - she's a bit long winded) for the child to know how much Jesus loves them and that one day they could meet my mommy (her grandma) in heaven one day.  It brought tears to my eyes to listen to her tender heart!

Bags full of goodies for our Operation Christmas Children!
Writing a letter and drawing a picture for our Operation Christmas Children

Mj packing his box.
Jadyn taking a time out to read the princess book for her girl.
Ready to leave to drop off our boxes!
At the church to drop off our Operation Christmas Child Boxes!
In the drive-thru at McDonalds waiting for our ice cream cones! ;)

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