Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas in PA 2012

Here's our Christmas in PA...

The beginning of our road trip.  Everyone's happy now. ;)

By the time we got to our hotel in Georgia, this poor baby was ready to be out of his car seat.
We had the kids open up their Christmas jammies for the night in the hotel.
Traveling through Virginia.  It was nice to see mountains and lots of open land again. We don't see this in Miami.
We finally made it!  Of course, Jadyn thought that her cousin's house was right at the sign and didn't understand why we had another hour to travel.
Jadyn wanted it to snow so bad when we were in PA.  Well, her prayers were answered it snowed 3 days!  The first day we didn't get too much but it was enough to have some fun in.
Leave it to my brother to start a snow ball fight. ;)
Can you tell she's happy about the snow!
The last time Gabe saw snow was when we were living in PA.  He was 1 year old so I don't think he remembers it.  He loved the snow!
Christmas with the Fortneys.  Mj was so excited to get a lava lamp.
Jadyn was excited about her Lalaloopsy doll.
Uncle Timmy & Gabe fight with his new Hulk hands and Batman mask.
MJ & Micah were very excited with their DS
Christmas with the Wise's.  We had so much fun staying with my brother's family.  So thankful that they let us invade for a week.  The kids have so much fun playing together! =)  And Mark and I have fun hanging out with Dutch & Julie! ;)
Job practicing his new found skill of grabbing toys.
This was so sweet to wake up to.
Job liked the Hulk Hands, too.
A snow day!!!!
Enough snow to get the sleds out this time.
Can someone please tell this boy to stop growing?!?!
Job's first snow!!!
So much fun!
Jadyn loved sledding!
Gabe catching some snow flakes.
Dutch giving Bria a ride.
Beautiful snow!
Jadyn loves her cousin Riley.  Another baby to mother! ;)
Daddy Daughter snuggle
Of course, we have to take a trip to Chocolate World!  Job's first time at Chocolate World.
Wise Cousins at Chocolate World.
Attempting a Fortney Cousin pic at Chocolate World. Poor Uncle Benny!
Jadyn holding her newest Fortney cousin, Zoe.
Job got to meet his uncles for the first time this trip.  Benny and Job became quick buddies.
Uncle Jonny taught Gabe how to make coffee.
Fortney girl cousins
What do you do with kids who've been cooped up all day - Take them to the Bounce Place!!!
It was a lot of fun!
Mj got to play some arcade games, too.
Slam dunk
Uncle Timmy thought they were playing tackle basketball.
 Mj got a lot of tickets.
My dad's first time meeting Job.
Jadyn & Uncle Benny play with the iPhone.
The last day of vacation finally caught up with Gabe.  He fell asleep watching Kung Fu Panda.
I love these 2!
Vacation came to an end and it was time to bundle up and head for home.
Goodbye Pennsylvania!
We are very thankful for our DVD player in our car!!!
Last time we'll see snow for awhile.
Enjoying the mountain views one last time.
A beautiful sunset in South Carolina.
Some of us were very exhausted when we got to the hotel.
Some of us had a lot of energy! ;)
We finally made it to Florida.  Unfortunately that just meant we had 6 more hours to go.
So Gabe and I had fun with my camera to waste some time..
Back to flat Florida land.
We had a great time with family and friends!  Until next year....

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