Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Family Christmas

Since we would be heading to Pennsylvania over Christmas break, we had our family Christmas a day before we left. I love getting the kids gifts that we know they will love and then watching their faces open their gifts! So much fun! Here's pictures from our Christmas.

We started our time together with the Christmas story.  Mark & MJ took turns reading through Luke 2. We are so thankful for the birth of Christ!  What an amazing thought that Jesus came to earth as a helpless baby to die for our sins!
Jadyn & I are excited it's Christmas!
Job decided our Christmas would be a great time to grab his first toy! =)
Mj handed out his gifts first.  He got Gabe a rubber duck.
And a soccer ball.
I think Gabe liked them.  He gave MJ a big hug! =)
Mj got Jadyn a light wand.  Jadyn loved it!
Job got to open his first Christmas present from Mommy & Daddy - balls.  He'll be playing with these soon.
Gabe was excited about his Spiderman toy.
 Jadyn was so excited about her Lalaloopsy Pirate doll.
Mj dove right in to his National Geographic Kids 2013 Almanac.
Gabe's reaction to his next gift. - "HOOT!!" AKA as Captain Hook.
Bucky from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Jadyn got a new bike.
And so did MJ
We took them to the church parking lot and let them ride their new bikes.
 I'm so thankful that we can give our children gifts and celebrate the birth of Jesus together!

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